Performance Assessment

While drafting the programs to be run by TEACH, we identified multiple challenges wherein there is vast scope to work on for the development of the students for better future. However post reviewing thoroughly each and every aspect of the developmental areas TEACH have finalized these 5 programs as the most effective and immediate need for the students betterment.

The plan of action isn’t completed with the draft of the programs; however TEACH needs to make sure these are effective and leaves a mark in the deaf education industry. The most important responsibility is to see through that these programs run smoothly and creates a major impact for the students.

To review that the programs are been conducted and is beneficial to students as per expectation, we need to have a close assessment of every aspects of the programs.

Our program comprises of teaching and learning and hence, it becomes very important to keep track of student’s learning & development, syllabus completion, timely updates to the syllabus. The assessment and evaluation is a continuous process, which is implemented throughout the entire academic year.

The process majorly focuses on:

  • Syllabus Tracking

The English Language Program syllabus has different learning modules as its content and each module has designated duration for its completion. The teacher keeps track of the content delivery and the time utilized for it.

  • Students’ performance

The entire program is backed by regular test and exams. Everything that is been taught in the program, is tested via series of short and comprehensive tests. For SSC Board exam, students have to appear for full length tests similar to prelims held.

  • Reporting

Parents are regularly communicated students’ performances. This helps the parents to be sure of their wards’ learning and development and also keeps the students in check for performing better.

  • Syllabus updates

While teaching it is taken care that the students learn everything required for their development. With a view to make students learn and make the content fully suitable for them, the program is put under checking and rechecking at regular intervals. Students also contribute in by stating their requirements and expectations.