English Language Program

Majority of the schools for special students focus only on a single language and majorly it is not English. The entire academics have very little inclusion of English as a subject. Few schools that teach English are not up as per expectations due to which doesn’t add any value to the student’s academics. Due to lack of English as a subject been taught in these schools, the students become incompetent and ineligible for higher education. After interacting with various students, teachers and parents we zeroed on English Language Program (ELP). ELP has a robust curriculum, which lays strong emphasis on developing English language skills of students. It will supplement the academics and develop English as a subject for students.

Out of all our programs, we have started with taking ELP to the schools along with our in-house class. The project aims at implementing ELP in schools, where students learn the language as a subject and gains requisite knowledge. For ELP we have an extensive plan to pay attention to both our end beneficiaries – in-house students who would be associated with us for their junior college & the students currently in the hearing impaired schools.

Program Curriculum

The entire program has a robust structure and is staged in ascending level of knowledge which will run for one year per batch. The curriculum focuses on the students’ reading and writing skill. This curriculum has 6+1 units.

6 inbuilt units and a SSC English Textbook. The structure of the program is as Shown.

NOTE: SSC English Textbook & Basic Vocabulary II is applicable for our in-house students who are preparing for their S.S.C English exams.

  • Basic Word

We start with the basic of English i.e. the alphabets. The unit gradually moves to vowels, easier words like fruits, vegetables, animals, vehicles, professions etc. This unit also have pictures to compliment students’ learning.

  • Basic Vocabulary I

In this unit the students will know the English term for the words they have been studying and speaking in the school. The unit comprises of around 800 words with its vernacular translation. The words are leveled in increasing order of letters.

  • Advance Vocabulary

The students in this unit read and understand sentences and paragraphs. It consists of 3 sections i.e. sentence, paragraph and comprehension. Each section is further subdivided into 3 levels, where difficulty and exposure to English Vocabulary is increased; thus enhancing understanding and knowledge.

  • Grammar

Once the students start understanding the basic structure of the sentences; only then they are introduced to grammar. Grammar starts from the basics and gradually moves to the advance syllabus. We have improvised the content to make grammar easily receptive and understandable.

  • Writing

After reading sentences and paragraphs; the students are now trained to write sentences and paragraphs. Here, students read comprehension, stories and put them in own words. Students are also made to write script of movies, shows, short dramas, description of pictures, essays, etc. This is to enhance the thought process of the students and aware them of writing skills.

  • SSC English Textbook

After completing the above units, we shall start teaching students SSC syllabus for English subject. Here, we will follow the curriculum from the SSC English textbooks and make students appear for the Annual SSC Board English exam.

  • Basic Vocabulary II

In Basic Vocabulary II, students learn academic words, which are extracted from the textbooks of FYJC and SYJC (commerce). These words are to make students familiar with the concepts, which they would be learning ahead.

After completion of each unit of the curriculum we shall revise it completely. NOTE: The ELP document is reviewed by eminent professionals with experience in the field of teaching English for more than 10 years in secondary schools.