1) Computer

Computer education is given importance along with academics programs. TEACH understands that computer education is important and relevant in the   era of digitization and we want our students to be competent.

Basic computers to Advance (HTML, Tally, MS Office) are the part of the computer program and uniquely divided in these years.


2) Aspiration Building

Recognizing and building aspirations in one of an important objective at TEACH. With the help of candid conversation with students, parents and a psychometric test the interest levels are identified and given a space to groom.

a. Internships: Students are encouraged and exposed to corporate culture where they can transform their theoretical knowledge into practical learning.
b. In-house Grooming: Certain roles are available in the institute itself and are shared with the aspirants, example – Teacher’s Assistant role.
c. Certifications: To make the students employable, with their graduation they are introduced with short-term certification courses related to financial management.


3) Behavioral Program:

The children often enter the institute with various psychological complexities and personality & thought process building becomes a vital role. A team of psychologist works with children for a period of 6 years (till graduation) to build them as positive thinkers.


4) Cultural and Sports:

There are frequent events, where the hidden talent is given an opportunity to be expressed, Dance, Drama, Painting, Sports are some of the activities that are held in the institute.